The CAMPAIGN "CHRISTMAS WITH JESUS" - since the beginning of the year collects toys - which are distributed in the city of PEDRO LEOPOLDO - MG.

The goal of 5 MIL TOYS ... (New or Semi-new) deliveries happen between the 20th and 25th of December.

SINCE 2015, the beginning/foundation of the POINT OF GOOD we have been bringing a lot of CARE - accompanied by TOYS to "OUR CHILDREN"... in MANY NEEDY COMMUNITIES in the region...!

DONATE TOYS... (new and used) ... christmas campaign ...

A NOTE: WE HAVE NO LINKS or PARTNERSHIPS with INSTITUTIONS... POLITICAL groups etc... WE DO the "GOOD FOR GOOD" all the PROJECTS of the HOUSE..!!! (We collect the TOYS in Rio de Janeiro (Our Head Office) and take them to the city to be delivered... with our friend HÉLCIO MARQUES) ...!!!!

Be part of this movement ... Come ... Contribute with a toy (ANY QUANTITY will help a lot) ...

Or put a " COLLECTING POINT" - in your condominium ... at the GATE of your building ... We need YOUR HELP ...!!!

Follow the distribution in OUR SOCIAL NETWORKS... we will be " SHARING" with you...

or JOIN us ... make a DIFFERENT CHRISTMAS ...!!!!