G20 2023_ the search for SOLUTIONS for GOOD HEALTH and WELL BEING... INTEGRATED HOLISTIC HEALTH...( body _ mind and spirit / integration with the ESSENCE).

.... the 19 biggest COUNTRIES + European Union) ... get together in search of SOLUTIONS for the WELL BEING of HUMANITY (SOCIAL - ECONOMIC development - improving the QUALITY of life of HUMANITY...

"... one Earth - one Family one Future" - is taken from the ancient Sanskrit text of the Maha Upanishad.... Essentially, the theme affirms the value of all LIFE - HUMAN, ANIMAL, VEGETAL AND MICROORGANISMS - and their INTERCONNECTION on planet EARTH and the WIDER UNIVERSE..."

"The AUGE of events will take place on September 9-10, 2023, when the CUPLE of G20 LEADERS meet in NEW DELHI - at the level of Heads of State and Government. "

The government of INDIA has assumed the CHAIR of the G20 2023.... WILL BE the HOST/ORGANIZING COUNTRY ... and AMMA _ (Mātā Amritanandamayī Devi) the "GURU of ABRAÇO /DARSHAM) ... appointed by the Prime Minister of INDIA (Narendra Damodardas Modi) as the LEADER/ ORGANIZER of the PROJECT...

... which created the C20 (G20 OFFICIAL ENGAGEMENT group) ... which is a "PLATFORM for CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS (CSOs / NGOs / Institutions) around the WORLD to express the ASPIRATIONS of PEOPLE to the WORLD LEADERS at the G20..."

"... the C20 aims to protect the ESSENCE of the sector, promote SOCIAL and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT with the vision that no one should be left behind..."

"....o CIVIL 20 is committed to DEFENDING EVIDENCE (practice) based policy RECOMMENDATIONS... the C20 will strive for the realization of the C20's INDIAN THEME - "YOU are the LIGHT"."

"... the priority issues of the C20 will be focused on the RESOLUTION of SOCIOECONOMIC ISSUES that touch people's COTUDIANS, which include EDUCATION, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, TECHNOLOGY and SEWA (sense of SERVICE) ..."

THE GENERAL APPROACH... consists of the following THEMES: (1) - Sustainable and Resilient Communities / climate - environment - 2) - Education and Digital transformation - 3) - INTEGRATED HOLISTIC HEALTH - 4) - Technology, Security and Transparency - 5) - Gender Equality and Disability.


"The FRATERNAL SUPPORT HOUSE PONTO do BEM... received an INVITATION from the C20... for the OFFICIAL presentation of its PROJECTS... which were ANALYZED and APPROVED... as a REFERENCE and MODEL for presentation to the G20...

... PRESENTATION of their EXPERIENCE in the care and support of FAMILIES - presenting their RESULTS and IMPACT on the LIVES of the people they assist...!

As the CASA's PROJECTS are not only assistentialist... but with a broad vision... ... where we highlight the CARE in 3 (three) PHASES 1) BODY HEALTH (physical well-being) 2) MIND HEALTH (psychic well-being) and 3) HEALTH OF THE SPIRIT) ... (INTEGRAL) ...

...with essence and foundation in "GOOD for GOOD" ... not segmented / not conditioned to politics (religious _ partisan or any demand...)

... the SEARCH is always for the awakening of HIGHER IDEALS - of VALUES beyond the desires - vices and "worldly" desires... sublimating LIFE a little more...!

... our central PROJECT "STRENGTHENING OF LINKS" has entered as a model in the THEME: "INTEGRATED HOLISTIC HEALTH"... which has an APPROACH to the PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, ENVIRONMENTAL and SOCIAL components of health... (BODY, MIND and SPIRIT)